Top SEO Directory Sites You Can Use

If you’re looking for more ways to optimize your website, adding it up in an SEO directory will help you solve your problem. This directory will help you enhance your website’s visibility in search engines and then create relevant inbound links to your website, all by just adding your site in this kind of online service.

And if you’re one of those people who have searched or Googled for the Top SEO directory sites that you may use, this article has some of the directories you’ve been looking for.

1. DMOZ Directory – Very awesome directory for search engine optimization which is free to submit to but difficult to get into; but once you do, it will help you create a big difference for your organic rankings. DMOZ Directory is also called Open Directory Project. Note that you should submit your website every month until you get accepted. Though you will be having a hard time getting into DMOZ, it’s worth it because it’s the #1 link to achieve anywhere. Once you get a link in there, your site’s traffic and rankings will increase almost immediately.

2. Yahoo Directory – This was established back in 1995. It has a page rank of 8 and an Alexa ranking of 1. Websites that can be accepted without a problem in Yahoo Directory are those that are not under construction, have no major technical flaws or offensive content, and also those that have some unique content. Like DMOZ, the links from Yahoo will also get an increase in search engine ranking for target keywords as well as an increase in traffic.

3. directory – Known as one of the best paid directories for SEO purposes. It was established in 2001 and has a page rank of 6 and Alexa ranking of under 50,000.

4. The Best of the Web Directory (best overall value) – This directory has been around since 1996 and was considered as one of the best directories that get into creating significant increases in organic rankings on keywords. The fee is $149 to submit and $149 annually if you got accepted.

5. The What U Seek Directory – With page rank of 7, Alexa ranking of around 43,000, and established way back 1996. Its cost to submit is just about $50.

6. directory – It has been around since 1998 and with a page rank of 7, an Alexa ranking of 1707, and an almost 5,000 incoming links. This directory is a very credible directory for both quality traffic and in increasing page rank for the sites it has links to. It has a fee of $299 for submitting and $299 annually if you got accepted.

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